Don’t lose before you’ve even left the starting block

The first ‘taste’ someone has of what working with you would be like, starts the moment they land on your website. Think about that for a moment. The experience of engaging with you, starts right there. Not when they’ve already become a customer. Visitors to your site are deciding whether they want to take another … Read more

Your customer’s post-lockdown story

As someone who’s pretty much worked for myself, from home, most of my life, I didn’t think ‘lock-down’ was going to make much difference to me. Especially as we live on a farm. We’ve spent days ‘social distancing’, before it was ever a thing! Apart from the fact that I couldn’t just “pop into town” … Read more

How to think like a storyteller in your business communications

I recorded a 15-minute training video this week for a virtual summit I was invited to be a part of. The theme of the summit was business communication and my video training was on How to think like a storyteller when creating your business presentations. However, the principles I covered are just as relevant and … Read more

Is this why customers are not seeing your value?

Many years ago I suffered from chronic fatigue. I was completely burnt out. It was a miserable time in my life and it wasn’t pretty. Every minute of every day was a struggle and some days even lifting my arms felt so hard it was more than I could manage. For someone who approaches everything … Read more

What do you have for people who are not ready to buy?

So, imagine you’re in a bar and someone catches your eye … They smile at you. There’s definitely a spark. You feel it instantly. But then someone distracts them and they look away. You know there was something there, so you make your way over to where they were standing. But – they’ve gone! Completely … Read more

Holy moly, what a month!

Well, wow. What a month March 2020 turned out to be. As many people suddenly found themselves unemployed, self-employed or having to urgently employ more people to meet unprecedented demand, March was a month many of us will never forget. It felt like almost every businesses on the planet had to act quickly, adapt their … Read more

Crazy times. Are you ready?

It’s been really interesting this week hearing some of the highly successful people I follow – in business, entrepreneurship and even in the copywriting space – saying that “there’s never been a better time to sell your product or service online”. And, I have to say, they’ve got a point. There are certainly going to … Read more

Are you telling the right story?

The salesman spotted the young family as soon as they walked into the shop. Mum, Dad and two clearly very lively kids, no older than 5 or 6 years old. As they started wandering around, looking at the large selection of sofas in the store, he confidently walked over, smiling his best smile and launching … Read more

What’s your yellow brick road?

When Dorothy comes crashing down in the land of Oz, we know immediately what she wants. She wants to get back to Kansas. Except that, she doesn’t know how to do that. She’s alone, confused and has no idea how she’s going to get back to her family. Enter The Good Witch. She warmly informs … Read more