Don’t lose before you’ve even left the starting block

The first ‘taste’ someone has of what working with you would be like, starts the moment they land on your website.

Think about that for a moment.

The experience of engaging with you, starts right there. Not when they’ve already become a customer.

Visitors to your site are deciding whether they want to take another step towards buying from you – based on how they feel about your website.

So, if the experience of navigating your website is a good one, they’ll feel good!

If you’re already making life easy for them by having a clear and simple message, they’ll feel excited.

If they don’t have to work too hard to understand what you do and how you’re going to make their life better, they’ll feel hopeful.

If you lay out the steps, so they can see what doing business with you is going to look like, they’ll feel in safe hands.

If your messaging is focused on them and what they want, and you’re using language that resonates with them, they’ll feel understood.

If they immediately get a sense that working with you will be a positive experience – they’ll feel confident they’ve found the right Guide.

However, the opposite is also true. If that experience is not so good, they’ll feel …. well, any number of things.

Imagine going into a department store to buy something, but there’s no signs to tell you where to go. No store map. And no order or logic to how the store is set out.

The shoes are with the cosmetics.

The underwear is next to the saucepans.

The stationery is alongside the bedding.

And you’re left to wonder around, feeling lost and confused.

How long would it take before you start feeling frustrated? Confused? Irritated?

Not long at all! And, chances are, you’d leave quite quickly, empty handed, to go somewhere else.

I’m afraid some websites can be a bit like that.

It’s confusing when the homepage is a mish-mash of articles, mission statements and links to other pages or resources.

It’s frustrating when you just want to know what they do, but they’re giving you their favourite quote. And a picture of a mountain.

You want to know how they’re going to make your life better, but they’re sharing their values.

You want to know that they ‘get’ you and understand the challenges you’re facing, but they’re pointing you to their blog.

You want to know what to do next, but they’re suggesting you go and “Learn More”.

That’s not a good experience, right?

To make it easy for your customer to say “Yes!” to your products and services, you need to make everything about doing business with you super easy.

You need to take the time to make the experience a great one for your customer, so they NEVER have to work hard to understand what you do or how you help them become who they want to be.

The experience of engaging with you as a client or customer starts the moment they come across your messaging and website.

Make sure that experience is one that leaves them wanting more.

Want help with that?

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