What do you have for people who are not ready to buy?

So, imagine you’re in a bar and someone catches your eye …

They smile at you. There’s definitely a spark. You feel it instantly. But then someone distracts them and they look away. You know there was something there, so you make your way over to where they were standing. But – they’ve gone! Completely disappeared. You have no idea who they were or if you will ever see them again.

That’s what someone arriving at your website is like. They’ve come because something caught their eye. Their curiosity has been sparked.

They might not be ready to buy, but they are showing interest in the very thing you offer and you don’t want them to leave before you’ve had a chance to make some sort of connection.

Creating a compelling lead generating pdf for people to download is how you make that connection. It’s how you say “Let’s chat!” before they disappear.

But, there’s an important distinction to make here. You don’t want to talk to everyone in the bar, right? The goal is not to just “build a big list”.

In fact, having a big list of people who are not your target market and who don’t open your emails can do more harm than good. Open rates will be low, deliverability poor and bounce rates high. That’s demoralising and could mean you end up in people’s spam folder.




And you don’t want that!

Much better to have people on your list who are super interested in the content you’re putting out.

So, how do you do that? How do you create a lead generating pdf that appeals to the right people, so you can grow an engaged list of ideal clients?

#1 Be clear about who you want to meet.

Understanding your ideal client is critical. You want it to be a good match, right?

Even if you’re confident that you know your ideal client really well. Even if you’re sure you understand the no.1 challenge they’re facing. Even if you’re convinced you know exactly what they really, really want …. I can’t stress the importance of regularly checking in with them – to make sure you’re right.

When I carry out interviews with my clients’ clients, I often find they talk about the challenges differently then my client does. They use different language to describe what they want or to define what success looks like.

The more you can tune into and use the language your ideal client is using, the deeper the connection will be when you start to have that conversation.

#2 Decide what you want to talk about.

Choose a topic that is highly-relevant for your target market.

The most effective lead generating pdfs are ones that, when someone downloads it, it’s likely they have the exact problem your business exists to solve. And they’re looking for a solution. That makes them a highly-qualified lead.

You’re not looking for generic topics to cast a big net, you’re looking for compelling topics that will speak specifically to your customers.

I’m currently working with a company that provides training and mentoring for those who want to build a successful property development business. We created a lead magnet on 10 things you MUST do to avoid costly mistakes when analysing any property deal.

Very specific, but highly relevant and appealing to their target market. If someone downloads that, they know they are a red hot, qualified lead.

#3 Don’t waffle.

The best lead magnets are short but contain information your audience can use straight away. Focus on one topic. Solve one problem.

Few people will have the time to read your 50-page ebook. Trying to cover too much information will be overwhelming for your audience and you risk losing them. Better to leave them wanting more!

You’ll also need a compelling title that speaks to your ideal client. You want them to see it and think “Yes! I need that NOW!”.

Checklists like 5 ways to10 things you must do if7 mistakes to avoid when … are easy to read, provide a quick win and position you as an expert on the topic.

I recently worked with an electrical contractor who works in the B2B space. We created a lead magnet on 5 things you MUST do to avoid electrical breakdowns, stay compliant and save your business thousands of pounds.

#4 Peak their interest.

Start your lead magnet like you would start any story – by opening a story loop. Introduce the problem you’re going to help them solve and describe how it’s getting in the way of them having the success they want.  See how I started this article by opening a story loop.

When people hear you articulate the problem they have, in a way that truly resonates, they’ll feel confident that you have the understanding and expertise to help them solve it.

Your content should then be focused on providing the information they need to get that quick win. It won’t be the ultimate solution your business exists to provide, but it should be something that will help them achieve some kind of success.

#5 Be yourself!

This goes for any content you write. Make it conversational.

No matter what your business, people buy from people they like and trust. If you can make people feel like you’re actually talking to them, the connection will be deeper and more meaningful.

Before you put pen to paper, try saying out loud what you want to say, as if you were talking to a client. Most of my first drafts are done talking into my phone as I walk my dog. Once I get back home I transcribe the recording and then edit, making sure to keep the conversational tone in tact.

#6 Ask if you can see them again.

Think about it. You have someone who has self-qualified as an ideal client. They’ve downloaded your checklist and read your highly-relevant, super helpful content. You’ve given them a ton of value. You’ve shown that you get them. You’ve positioned yourself as an expert. You’ve helped solve a problem.

They might just be ready to buy!

One of the biggest mistakes I see is businesses that don’t make it easy for their customers to buy from them. That’s like leaving that person you met at the bar hanging. Walking away without any mention of ever meeting up again.

Don’t be frightened to talk about how you can help them win and always have a clear a call to action, so your reader knows exactly what to do next.

#7 Leave them with a great first impression.

Everything you put out speaks volumes about your brand. Once your lead magnet is written, think about how you want to present it. Make sure it’s an asset to your business and something you’re proud to put out into the world.

For me, getting a professional graphic designer to bring it to life with design, colour, branding and images is money well spent. I usually pay around £300 to get a lead magnet designed.

However, if you prefer to do it yourself, there are lots of amazing tools like Canva that you can use.

Keep the look and feel consistent with your website. Include your logo, brand colours and always put your website url at the bottom of every page.

#8 Keep the conversation going.

Once you have your lead magnet created, you’ll need a good email follow up sequence ready to go out to everyone who downloads it.

Email marketing is powerful because it’s where you get to talk to the person who has shown interest in your area of expertise, one on one.

It’s where the relationship starts to get some momentum. This is the second date. And third.

If you’ve done your research well, it’s where you get to join the conversation going on in their head, empathise with their problem, share stories of how you’ve helped others and show them what the Happy Ever After story could look like for them.

#9 Put yourself out there!

So, you’ve done the work. You have a lead magnet that looks great. It’s packed full of valuable content that will help your ideal client get a win. Now what do you do?

You post it everywhere your ideal client might be.

Here are some ideas to start you off:

  • Put it on your website, in several places. I have mine on my homepage and in the footer of every page on my website
  • Consider having an exit pop up promoting it as people go to leave your site. They’re not as annoying as pop ups that appear when you land on the site, and they work!
  • Include a link to it at the bottom of every blog you write (like mine below!)
  • Post about it on social media at least twice a week
  • Include a link to it in posts and blogs that are about similar topics
  • Put a link to it in your email signature


What could a lead magnet do for your business?

A great, highly-relevant and appealing lead magnet can be an incredible asset for your business.

StoryBrand credit their first lead generating pdf – The Five Things Your Website Should Include – as helping them grow a multi-million-dollar business.

Russell Brunson’s 99 Marketing Secrets Blackbook added tens of thousands of subscribers to his list.

Investing the time and effort to produce something of high value will pay dividends, and ensure your perfect date never leaves the bar without first giving you their number!

Here’s what to do if you want help with that …

If you would like my help to create a compelling lead generating pdf for your website, simply email susan@thebusinessofstories with the words Lead Magnet and I’ll get back to you with details of how my coaching packages work.