How to think like a storyteller in your business communications

I recorded a 15-minute training video this week for a virtual summit I was invited to be a part of.

The theme of the summit was business communication and my video training was on How to think like a storyteller when creating your business presentations.

However, the principles I covered are just as relevant and applicable whether you’re giving a talk, crafting compelling copy for your website or writing an email sales campaign.

They were:

1. How to grab and keep your audience’s attention, by opening a story loop. Story loops are super powerful because, once we hear one, our brain is literally programmed to pay attention until that story loop has been closed!

(I also shared a really simple formula that you can start using today to open a powerful story loop that will have your audience engaged from your VERY FIRST SENTENCE).

2. How to enhance your message with stories. In the same way that authors keep you turning the pages of a book, or filmmakers keep you on the edge of your seat, you can use stories to keep your audience highly-engaged while you tell them about your business, and

3. How to close the story loop, in a way that leaves your audience feeling excited to take the next step and continue this journey with you.

So, if you would love to think more like a storyteller when putting any of your business communications or messaging together, I made this video for YOU.

You can watch it here:


And, when you’ve watched it, I’d love you to drop me an email to to let me know how you might implement it in your business.

I might even write a blog about you and your business!