Your customer’s post-lockdown story

As someone who’s pretty much worked for myself, from home, most of my life, I didn’t think ‘lock-down’ was going to make much difference to me. Especially as we live on a farm. We’ve spent days ‘social distancing’, before it was ever a thing!

Apart from the fact that I couldn’t just “pop into town” when I needed something, or that my 10-year-old was in the next room doing all her lessons in google classrooms, I didn’t think I would notice much difference. But I have.

Looking back now over the past 4 or so months, lots of things have changed. Some for good, some not so.

On the plus side, I finally have the morning routine I’ve been wanting for years. Without the first hour or so of my day being spent frantically rushing around getting my youngest ready for school (that’s me doing the rushing of course, not her!), my mornings are much more calm and relaxed.

I’ve carved out a routine that includes journalling, a series of stretches, a 7-minute S.I.T exercise routine and an energising, mindful shower – rather than the rushed in-and-out, no time to stop and think experience that it used to be. This routine sets me up for a great day.

In fact, everything about my day is more relaxed now. I try to avoid zoom calls in the mornings and, when I am on calls, I leave my office door open, so if my daughter needs to ask me something she can come in. Yep, even when I’m on a call! It’s fine. Really. No-one minds! It doesn’t make me look any less committed or professional. This is real and we’re all in it together, doing our best and trying to make it work. Anything we can do to relieve the pressure, lighten the mood and keep things calm is a good thing in my book.

But there are also things I’ve had to stop doing or, at least, do less of.

I’ve missed some of the check-in & accountability calls with my mastermind group, because I wanted to limit the amount of time I leave my daughter to fend for herself. Especially since she’s become obsessed with making slime!

I haven’t been as regular with my blogs. But then I remind myself that many of my peers don’t write them at all – so even one a month is better than none, right?  And, you know what – it’s OK.  My business isn’t suffering, the enquiries haven’t stopped coming in and my work hasn’t slowed down.  And there’s always the 3 years of blogs on my website for anyone wanting to binge on my content.

I’ve also had to turn down some amazing opportunities – including presenting to a group of 8K business owners and a contract that would have involved me getting 10% of the company’s revenue – because I just can’t ‘do it all’. I’ve had to make some tough decisions to prioritise the things that are most important to me and my family.

Err. I’ve also put on weight! Yep, at least 7lbs. And that’s not OK. But, I’m not giving myself a hard time about it. I’ll get it sorted – as soon as I can persuade my daughter to stop baking cakes!

As I’ve noticed these changes in my life, you’ve probably noticed them in your life too?

We’re all finding our own way. Adapting. Being flexible. Working out what works. Navigating our way through a year like no other (hopefully!).

And, if things have changed for me and you, what about your customers or clients?

How have things changed for them?

Have they had to adapt or pivot their business?

Have they changed the way they work? Or where they work from?

Have they decided to move? Leave their job? Spend more time doing the things they love?

Have they put on weight? (or is that just me?!)

Do they have a new problem that needs solving?

Have their needs changed? Their priorities shifted? Their goals realigned with the new perspective they now have?

If so, that needs to be reflected in the way you’re talking to them. In person. On your website. On social media.

The language you were using just six months ago, might not be relevant any more. The things you were posting about may not have the same impact. The products you were offering may not even work in the post-covid world.

It’s more important than ever to understand your customer’s story … to be fully in-tune with the way it’s evolving and devloping … and to always Be The Guide.

Want help with that?

If you’d like my help with your messaging, simply email and let’s book a time to chat.

Or come join my FB group. It’s a place to continue the conversation about how to engage your customers, by talking about the things that matter to them.

I’ll see you in there!