Take the hassle out of creating content that works for you 24/7

This Simple Story Mapping System will quickly have you sharing stories that are consistently aligned with your core message, in a way that connects with the people you love working with … without the hassle or overwhelm!
With 30 story prompts, ideas and examples to get you started

You have a ton of stories. We all do. But, how do you keep track of them so that they're easy to sort, reference and repurpose for years to come?

No Idea? No worries.

My super simple story mapping system will help you do all of that and more. It includes:

A 'sorting hat', to help you decide which stories you're ready to share

A process for keeping your stories aligned and consistent with the thing you want to get known for

A way to pull out your core story and customer stories so they're easy to quickly find and use

“Susan's system saved me ENDLESS HOURS of messing around in my head! It gave me clarity and freedom to get my stories out there and working for me - quickly!"

Bernie Mitchell

London Co-working Assembly

3 steps to keeping track of all your stories

1. Capture your stories

Capture and sort all your stories, so you can easily see which ones are ready to share in your marketing

2. Share your stories

Share your stories in a way that's aligned with your key message, and keep track of where and when you've used them

3. Repurpose your stories

Make creating content WAY easier with a system that helps you see at a glance what stories you can repurpose

Storytelling doesn't need to be hard, complicated or overwhelming. I can help you keep it simple!

My book, The Business of Stories, shot to no.1 in the UK and the USA in March 2022, and sold 6,453 copies in the first 3 months!

In it, I outline my process for helping business owners harness the power of storytelling in their business – to transform their messaging and share stories that deeply connect with the people they love working with …

It’s a powerful process that will unlock all the stories you have to deeply connect with your dream clients … but then what do you do with all the stories that start coming at you thick and fast? How do you link them to what you do? And how do you keep track of them without getting completely overwhelmed?” …

This story mapping system solves all those problems, and more. It’s a beautifully simple, visual and effective system … that will make consistently creating the right content SOOO much easier!

“This system has really helped me work on my storytelling in a much more structured, logical and well-planned way.”

Adrian Close

The Online Leadership Training Academy

Use my Simple Story Mapping System so you never feel overwhelmed again ...

Here’s what I’ve noticed, as I’ve helped business owners use storytelling as a superpower in their business since 2016 …

As soon as you start to think about the stories you could be sharing, that will connect with your ideal client, more & more stories will start coming at you thick and fast!

That can feel ‘messy’ and totally overwhelming, as you struggle to know how to:

Keep track of them all so you can easily see the stories you've unlocked, even if you've only got a one-line idea to start with

Decide which ones are ready to share and how you're going to link them to what you do

Keep all your stories consistently aligned with your core message, so you get known for what you do

Gather different versions of your story and keep track of when and where you've used them

Easily see what you can repurpose, so you're not constantly having to come up with new content

But, no need to panic or feel overwhelmed! I’ve got the solution …

Solve all your "Aaaaggh, what do I do with all my stories?" problem for just £150 - and get 30 story ideas and examples for FREE

Buy now and get access to my simple system that consists of:

A *Trello board that will help you capture, sort, reference and repurpose your stories for years to come

A short video where I talk you through how to use the system to keep all your stories aligned with your key message

30 story prompts, ideas and examples to make planning your content as easy as possible

*This system doesn’t have to be used on Trello. You can use it in whatever way works for you. But Trello is super easy to use, very visual (so it’s easy to ‘see’ your stories) and FREE!
You can also add word and google docs, images and links, helping you to keep everything in one simple, easy to use system.

“I got so many ideas from Susan’s system that I’ve used to create my own system that will help me get out of the chaos.”

Diana Theodores

Performing as YOU

Don't lose customers to better storytellers