Whatever your business, your pitch is crucial

Your pitch is your most basic asset. No matter what your business, if you want people to engage with, buy into, talk about, collaborate with or even invest in you and your dream, a strong pitch is crucial.

At Pitchfest in London this week I watched ten established business owners pitch their businesses to an audience of entrepreneurs and renowned judges – Dragon’s Den style!

The standard of pitching was high but, as always, what really interested me was the feedback they got. And, as I listened to the judge’s comments and questions, it came as no surprise that what they wanted was … more stories.

Stories of why. Why do you care and why should we?

Stories of how. How are you bringing your big, bold vision to life?

And stories of who. Who are you already helping and and what difference are you making to them?

If your pitch is still about what you do, where you do it, what size, colour or package it comes in and how much it costs, you’re stuck in transactional mode and risk losing out to those who are taking the time to build relationships with their target market.

As author Seth Godin says, Marketing is no longer about what you’re selling. It’s about the stories you’re telling.

What stories are you telling?



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