How to use cliffhangers to keep your customers coming back for more

My daughter couldn’t put her book down. She was absolutely gripped. She kept trying to stop reading, but then she’d get to the end of the page, or the chapter, and just have to turn the page one more time to find out what happened next.

And that got me thinking. How could we do that with digital storytelling? How could we use cliffhangers to have our audience asking, “So, what happens next?”.

Here are 5 ways to get you started:

Create curiosity with a compelling headline. Whether it’s an email, blog or workshop, a good headline will ensure your audience just has to find out more. Check out this hubspot infographic on writing a catchy headline.

Keep interest alive by opening a story loop, that needs closing. For instance, telling your readers that you are going to blow a commonly-held belief or opinion in your industry, out of the water.

Build excitement about a new product or service you are going to launch. Focus on how it is going to add massive value to your customer, so that they can’t wait to get it. Apple are the masters at this!

Hint at what’s to come. Try ending your messages and content with a little teaser about what’s coming next and how it will help your audience be successful. Extra marks if you can make it a little mysterious.

Finish with something that keeps them engaged. I finish almost every piece of content I write with a question. A question keeps your reader thinking about your content, even after they’ve finished reading it.

(And possibly wondering if they should come to you to help them work out the answer!).

So, how can you create curiosity, anticipation and even a little mystery amongst your target market?

And what is the number one most powerful cliffhanger you could use to keep your customers coming back for more? And more. And more.

I’ll tell you next time 🙂



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