What’s the cost of not taking action?

The overworked CEO finally shifted the extra weight he’d been carrying, and focused on getting fitter – after a ‘health scare’ and sobering warning from his doctor.

The stressed-out HR consultant finally started to build a team, and grow her business – after she found herself close to burn out, trying to do it all on her own.

The media company finally got a robust cyber security & disaster recovery plan in place – after they experienced first hand what damage a cyber attack can do to their business and reputation.

For us to take action, there has to be something at stake. Otherwise we won’t be motivated enough to put in the effort to do what needs to be done.

What is at stake for your customer? What is the cost to them of not addressing the problem you can help them solve?

Talking about what you can help your customer avoid needs to be a part of the story you are telling them.



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