The tale of two Garys

A common problem I hear from clients again and again is not knowing how niche they should be about what they do and how specific they should be about who they do it for.

So I tell them the tale of two Garys.

Gary F’s business was two years old. But his workflow wasn’t consistent and he couldn’t afford to take on any staff, as he never seemed to have enough work in the pipeline to warrant it. He wrote a blog and posted on social media, but didn’t get much engagement.

How come? Because he didn’t want to niche or focus on a specific ideal client, for fear of putting others off, so he simply talked about his “financial services”. His messaging was generic and his topics broad, he didn’t stand out and he wasn’t very memorable.

Gary D’s business was also a couple of years old but gaining real traction. He was getting famous for what he did. His consultancy was busy and he was building a team. His book had got to no.1 on Amazon and he was being invited to speak on stage at huge events, full of his target market.

How come? Because he did one thing for one ideal client – mortgages for the self-employed. His messaging spoke directly to his target market and it was super easy for people to tell others what he did and who for. So, news spread.

And that’s the reality.

The more specific you are about what you do and who for, the more likely that specific person will hear about it and show up. Fact.



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