Your story can help you niche

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase – when you market to everyone, you market to no-one.

And why would you want to do that?

If you’ve been reluctant to focus your messaging on your absolute ideal client, for fear of putting other people off, you’ve missed the point.

You want to put others off. You want to attract the people you love working with.

The more specific you are about who you work with, how you understand their specific problem and how you can help them achieve a great result, the more likely those exact people will show up.

Imagine your audience is a dartboard. Your messaging should be aimed at the bullseye. Your dream client.

And your own story can help you niche.

Because once you know exactly who you are talking to, you will know the bits of your story that will resonate with them. Everything you write, every story you tell, should be aimed at creating meaningful connections with your target market.

If you want your ideal client to show up, your brand story needs to make it super clear who they are.

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