Where should your story start?

When it comes to telling your own story, who’s in charge of how you tell it?

You are.

You have complete freedom to tell it exactly how you want to. It’s your story.

So, forget the ‘rules’ you’ve been told. I know we’ve had it drummed into us that everything has to have a beginning, middle and end, but think of your favourite action film. Where does it start? Right bang in the middle of the action, right? Our Hero in a high-speed chase – usually being shot at.

No filling in the background first. No telling us what they’re going to tell us. They just cut to the chase. Literally

My point is this. We probably don’t need to know all the background stuff you think you need to tell us. We don’t need to understand everything that led up to the bit of your story that we actually want to hear. You can just cut straight to it.

To that moment. That moment that encapsulates what your story is really about.

And if you don’t know how to do that. Try writing out a story you want to tell and then throw the first two-thirds away. Because you’ve probably just got to the bit of the story that people actually want to hear.