Where does SEO fit into storytelling?

If you’re anything like me, talk of SEO, backlinks, algorithms and meta tags fill you with dread.

But it’s easy to think that if you have any marketing budget at all, you should be spending it on SEO. After all, if your website isn’t stuffed full of keywords, no-one will ever find you. Right?

The problem is, SEO is a long-term game and can be very expensive. If there are lots of other businesses like yours, it’s going to be really hard to rank at the top of the first page. And there’s not much point being anywhere else (when did you last go to page 2 or 3 of a Google search?).

SEO is a hoping your customers will show up approach.

But for most small businesses, focusing on a compelling brand narrative and more of an invite your customers in approach, enables them to see results quicker.

A downloadable pdf, for instance, or a series of short videos, packed full of value, that gives your ideal clients a quick win, invites them to get curious about how else you can help them.

As search engines get smarter and smarter at working out what people want to read, using language on your site that reflects the language your customers use, will get you noticed.

Think about the content you are putting out as an invitation into the story you are telling.

How are you inviting your target market in, to get curious?

Not sure how to create a compelling brand narrative that invites your ideal client in?

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