How to grab your audience’s attention – quickly

Writers know that, to keep their audience engaged, they need to introduce a character into their story, quickly. A character that wants something.

Letting us know what the character wants straight off opens the story loop and keeps us hooked. Now we’re invested. Now we’ve got someone to root for. Now we care.

  • Will Bridget Jones ever find the love of her life?
  • Will Dorothy ever get back to Kansas?
  • Will Jason Bourne ever find out who he is?

When you start talking about what your customer wants, you open a story loop that will keep them engaged – as they wonder if you are the person that can help them get it.

So, what does your customer want? Really want?

Invite your customers into a story that’s about THEM!

Your story is that you’re an award-winning estate agent. Your customer’s story is that they want the home of their dreams.

Your story is that you’re an executive leadership coach. Your customer’s story is that they want to be a confident, well-respected leader.

Your story is that you own a state-of-the-art gym. Your customer’s story is that they want to be fit, healthy and feel great.

What does your customer want? Are you telling that story?


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