Helping you with one of the hardest things to get right in marketing…


To help my clients clarify their message, and GROW their business, I use a powerful messaging framework called STORYBRAND.

It’s a paradigm-shifting approach that has helped THOUSANDS of businesses craft a clear and compelling message that connects with their customers, using the universal language of story.

StoryBrand will clarify, energize and transform your business.

Seth Godin

Building a StoryBrand

If you haven’t come across StoryBrand yet (and would like to know more), grab the book or listen to this podcast, where author Don Miller explains what it is and why it works SO well.

Or go online

There is also StoryBrand’s online offering, The Business Made Simple University OR you could join hundreds of other business owners at a live workshop in Nashville, Tennessee!

Courses include The StoryBrand Marketing Framework, Marketing Made Simple and Mission Statement Made Simple, all for just $275 a year!

Book using this link, and after the workshop, I will give you two free 60-minute strategy sessions to help you implement the framework into your marketing.

If you’d like to continue the conversation about all things StoryBrand, come and join my Facebook group.

You can join here.

I look forward to seeing you in there.

OR I can do it all for you!

Certified StoryBrand Guide

As a business owner, you are likely too close to what you do to know which message to focus on, which problem to talk about solving or how to find the right words to powerfully connect with your target market.

As a certified StoryBrand Guide I can help you create a clear and compelling message that generates more leads, reaches more customers and helps grow your business.

Storytelling is a Superpower!

I created The Business of Stories in 2016, when I realised that telling great stories in business is not just essential – it’s a superpower!

As Steve Jobs said “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller”.

Using the universal language of story, I can help you craft a brand message that people understand and act on. From there I can create copy for your website, lead generators, email campaigns, sales letters and much more…

What I have helped my clients achieve

Andy Cristin

Pareto Financial Direction

“The website I have been thinking about for years is finally a reality.”

Neil Grimes

NJG Purchasing Services

“My website no longer talks about me, but focuses on the problems I help my clients solve.”

Kirsty Innes

Kirsty Innes Marketing

“I was so frustrated that I couldn’t set myself apart. But I am now super clear on my messaging and it feels great!”

Discover the 5 most common mistakes business owners make when writing copy for their website.

These mistakes could be losing you customers.

Find out what they are and how to fix them.

So many business owners are completely unaware how much they are confusing visitors to their site.

And a confused mind doesn’t take action!

Download this FREE resource now and discover the five common mistakes I see again and again.

Learn how you can fix them TODAY!

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