What can happen when you tell a powerful brand story

When Paul Blackford was preparing to launch a new air conditioning and chiller company last year, he knew there was an important piece of the puzzle to get right, if he was to launch with a bang: his story.

He wanted people to immediately get why he was starting his new business, what it would stand for and what difference it would make in his industry.

And so we worked together on unpacking and crafting the brand story that would enable him to launch – “with a bang”.

His business took off faster than he could ever have imagined and, within just 3 months of launching, he was approached by investors who literally said the words, “We love your story and we want to be a part of it”.

That’s the power of a brand story that engages, excites and invites people in to be a part of it.

No matter what your business, industry or sector, if you want to connect with your target market, you need to be telling a compelling story.



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