The emotion that will win you clients

How does your target market feel when they come across you or your brand?

Confident that you can help them? Relieved that they’ve found you? Excited to be working with you?

Actually the most powerful emotion you can evoke amongst your target market is … hope!

We follow brands that give us hope.

Hope that we’ll be safer, calmer, happier, healthier, wealthier, more successful.

We use Quickbooks in the hope that we’ll save time and business will be easier.

We buy a Brita filter jug in the hope that we’ll help eradicate the use of plastic bottles.

We go to Disneyland in the hope that we’ll have the family holiday of a lifetime.

When you come across a brand that clearly understands your problem and knows how to solve it, you are filled with hope. Hope that there is going to be a happy ending to your story.

Your ideal client is out there right now, looking for someone to help them solve a problem. Does your brand message give them hope?



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