Are you asking too much of your customers?

So, you’ve got an awesome product or service. You know it’s good. You know what difference you can make to your customers.

Problem is, that’s not enough.

Sadly, you don’t win customers just by having the best product or service.

You win customers by having a clear message.

As humans, we’re drawn to things that are easy to understand.  

In fact, it’s human nature to follow the Law of Least Effort which states that, when deciding between two similar options, people will gravitate towards the one that requires the least amount of work.

Our brains are literally wired to conserve energy whenever possible.

So, if your message is in any way confusing, overwhelming or inconsistent, you’re asking people to work too hard to understand why they would want to do business with you and you’re almost certainly losing customers.

Obvious maybe. But not always easy to get right. Talking about what you do is one of the hardest things to get right in marketing.

If you want some tips, listen to the podcast I did this week with Action Business Coach Jeff Shrimpton, on this very topic and discover a 7-part framework that helps you craft a message that ensures your customers listen.

Not sure how to talk about what you do in a way that ensures your customer listens?

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