Why you need to bend over backwards to demonstrate this one thing

We live in a world where we are frequently let down. People who don’t ring us back, companies who don’t follow through on their promise, businesses who fail to put us first.

But, according to a study by Wunderman, people want brands to make them feel special. In fact, 72% of consumers in the UK said that brands have to actually demonstrate that they “understand and care about me” before they’ll consider purchasing from them.

The Amazons and Ubers of this world are setting the bar high. An email from Amazon finishes with “Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company”. They get it!

Caring businesses are focused on making our lives easier.

Pick one thing you can own and set a new standard for it. Be the best at that one thing. Bend over backwards to demonstrate that you truly care.


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