Who has helped shape who you are today?

When you think about your own story, and the rollercoaster of a journey you’ve been on, all sorts of people have influenced you along the way.

Coaches, mentors, teachers, leaders, colleagues and friends. Some in-person, some from a distance. Some in a positive way, some not so. But many have played a small part in helping shape who you are today.

Brands are part of your story too. Brands have influenced, challenged and inspired you, in different ways, at different times.

Brands have provided adventure, guidance and support. Some brands are a trusted friend. PG Tips. Cadbury’s chocolate, Good Housekeeping magazine. They’ve all been there for you.

So, where does your brand fit into your customer’s story? What role are you playing? What difference are you making – to them?

Truly understanding your customer’s story means understanding who you are helping your customer to be.


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