Why I’ve changed my mind about sales funnels!

What do you think when you hear the words “sales funnel”?

When I asked that question in Facebook this week, the replies I got included “Manipulative”, “Irritating”, “Forced”, “Sleazy” and “Ugh!”.

And, as someone whose ‘thing’ is all about connecting with people, human to human, through real, authentic stories, I would have probably agreed with you just a couple of weeks ago …

But then I heard an analogy that changed everything for me.

The analogy was being used to explain the difference between a website and a sales funnel. And it went like this:

When someone arrives at your website, you likely have a number of different items on your homepage for them to look at and click on, and any number of items (and sub-items) in your menu bar. Your visitor, therefore, has to navigate your site to try and work out if you have the specific thing they need.

Problem is, it’s like you going to a shop to buy something but, some time later, you’re still wondering around the shop trying to find that item you wanted. Or, more likely, you’ve given up and left.

The purpose of a sales funnel, on the other hand, is to take your customer straight to the particular item they need. It’s like being greeted at the door by the shop owner, who expertly leads you, by the hand, directly to the thing you want.

As a business owner, if you truly understand your target market, and you can help them solve the problem they have, you owe it to them to clearly show them what that solution is and how they can get it.

Why hide it away, at the back of the store?

And, like an enthusiastic shop owner, as you lead them to the product that’s right for them, you can share your knowledge, give extra value, even help them get a small win that takes them one step closer to getting their problem completely sorted.

That’s what a GOOD sales funnel does!

It simply lays down a clear, distraction-free path that leads your ideal client to the specific successful outcome they’re looking for. As they move along that easy-to-follow path, it should feel like the right doors are opening for them, at the right time.

Nothing manipulative about it. In fact, you’re saving your customers time, and serving them better, by taking them straight to the offering that is most suitable and relevant for them. All whilst earning their trust and connecting with them along the way – one human to another.

Which brings me back to where I started this post and the importance of connecting with people, human to human, through real, authentic stories.

Not sure how to create a sales funnel that connects with your ideal client through real, authenic stories?

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