Three things the image on your homepage should NOT do

The first thing a potential customer sees when they come to your homepage, is the image at the very top of it.

All the images on your site tell a story but the first one, in the header, is super important.

As important as a shop window.

Here’s 3 don’ts to think about when choosing an image for the header of your homepage:

* Don’t be cryptic. If you were looking for a new dress, would you walk into a shop that had fish in the window? Or cakes? Or books? Of course not.

You can’t afford to confuse people when they land on your site. You want them to instantly know they’re in the right place – and that starts with choosing the right image.

* Don’t be the Hero. If you haven’t read any of my blogs on the importance of NOT playing the ‘Hero’ in your customer’s story, you can check them out here.

Using your own picture suggests that you think your business is about you. And it’s not. It’s about your customer. (Fine to have your image elsewhere on the site, but not at the top of the homepage).

* Don’t overwhelm. You want visitors to your website to instantly understand how you’re going to make their life better. Packing too much into your header or, even worse, having one that moves, is distracting and overwhelming.

Too many messages equals no message! Keep it simple. Tell one story.

So, what image should you use on your homepage?

Choose one that helps to paint a picture of success for your customer. Choose an image that tells the story of the climactic scene in your customer’s story.

What does their Happy Ever After look like?

Every picture tells a story. Make sure the images on your website tell one that your customer will want to be a part of.

Not sure how to talk about what your customer wants?

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