What’s your customer’s Zero to Hero story?

All great stories are about transformation.

The Hero isn’t the same at the end of a story as they were at the beginning.

They’ve changed. Grown. And learnt things about themselves along the way.

They’ve likely stretched themselves and overcome the things that were in their way, to become the person they need to be to accomplish the goal they set out to achieve.

Movies are full of Zero to Hero stories. Nerd to superhero. Underdog to champion.

King George VI wanted to overcome his stammer, in The King’s Speech, to become a confident orator.

In the Lion King, Simba dreamed of being a mighty king, like his father.

Luke Skywalker wanted to be a jedi knight.

And Rocky poured everything he had into proving he could go the distance and become a world champion.

By letting us know, at the beginning of the movie, who our Hero wants to become, storytellers open a story loop. And we’re hooked!

We want to know whether or not our Hero does indeed have what it takes to become that person.

Brands who understand and talk to the aspirational identity of their ideal client, powerfully connect with their audience’s wants and desires.

Who does your customer want to be?

A confident mother?
A savvy investor?
An inspirational leader?
A marketing ninja?
A glamorous minx?

See how Amazon powerfully taps into the aspirational identity of their target market in this 30-second ad…

Watch 30-second Amazon ad

What transformation do you help your customer achieve?

Understand that, and you can open a powerful story loop in your messaging, that helps your audience see who they can be on the other side of doing business with you.

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