Why you need guiding principles – in life and work

Imagine you’re on a film set.

The Director is sitting in the Director’s chair. The cameras and lights are set up. The producers, assistants, make up artists, soundmen and all the crew are in position. The actors are waiting, just out of shot, and the Assistant Director shouts “Action!”.

But nothing happens.

Nobody moves.

There’s a problem.

A big problem.

There’s no script!

No script was ever written for this film and so the actors have no idea what their lines are.

Nobody knows what they should be doing.

Nobody even knows the plot.

How likely are they to make a good movie?

As crazy as it sounds, many businesses are like that film set.

There’s no script.

Nobody knows what the story is about, or where it’s going.

Or why it matters.

Think about your business.

Is there a clear mission?

Have you clearly defined your purpose. Why your business exists and what it exists to do?

Are you inviting people into a story that matters?

If not, you will struggle to succeed.

Businesses that have clearly defined guiding principles have clarity, focus and direction.

StoryBrand’s new course, Mission Statement Made Simple is designed to help you create a set of guiding principles – for life and work.

In this short course, Donald Miller, author of Building a StoryBrand, walks you through 5 simple statements that will help you define your purpose, your direction and your goals.

You’ll clearly set out:

  • Your mission
  • The key characteristics you need to accomplish your mission
  • The critical actions you need to take, to move forwards
  • Your story pitch
  • And your overarching story theme

Over 10,000 people have already bought this course, as part of StoryBrand’s new Business Made Simple University.

If you’re setting big goals for 2020, the Mission Statement Made Simple course will ensure you have the script you need to create a winning blockbuster.


To make sure you get the help and support you need as you work through the courses, I’ve created a private FB group for business owners who sign up for the Business Made Simple University. Simply email your receipt to and I’ll send you an invite to join.