The storytelling iceberg

A common misconception around telling your story, is that it is just the About page on your website, or your Bio or the bit of your presentation where you talk about yourself … but these things are the tip of the storytelling iceberg.

Yes, they might be the bits that people see but, for your own story, and of course your brand story, to be clear, powerful and to truly resonate with your target market, there needs to be a strong story infrastructure underneath.

So, what is all the ice below the water made up of?

To truly make a difference in people’s lives you need to connect with them first. To do that, there are three stories you need to know, understand and tell:

  • Your personal story – who you are and why you do what you do
  • Your business story – why your business exists and what it stands for
  • Your customer’s story – what is going on for them and where your business fits into their story

It is when you have complete clarity on these three stories that your messaging becomes very powerful, meaningful connections are created and sales and marketing get a whole lot easier!