How to sell cars in December

When Adam Stott opened a car dealership those ‘in the know’ warned him that December is a dead month in the car trade. No-one buys cars in December and he might as well go on holiday.

That was the story being told throughout the industry.

But Adam decided he wanted to tell a different one. After workshopping with his team, they came up with the idea to turn the showroom into a magical Winter Wonderland for December, complete with an ice rink and Santa’s Grotto, where every child could meet Father Christmas and get a free present.

Their Winter Wonderland was a huge hit and attracted over 5,000 visitors.

But the real happy-ending was that they also sold 200 cars – in December!

Are you regularly looking for ways to innovate in your business? Where are the opportunities for you to change the story in your industry?