The story you don’t tell

There is a story that you don’t tell. But your customers do.

No matter how much time and money you spend on your messaging and marketing, the story your customers will share with others is the one they experience first hand.

You may state your values on your website, or have a tagline that suggests you are the best, but that won’t stop your customers from telling it how it really is.

Think about the stories you have heard yourself, or told others, recently.

I’ve been told about the pilates class that serves smoothies, the dentist that kids actually enjoy visiting and the spa that pampers to your every need.

But I have also heard about the restaurant that packs too many people in, the health club that has too many ‘out of order’ signs and the airline that regularly loses luggage.

Your story is not a block of text. It is a living, breathing thing and it is created in every interaction with every customer.

Is the story you are telling true to the experience your customers are having?