The master storytellers

We love brands and companies that take us on a journey.

Take Innocent Drinks. The story of their Founders selling smoothies at a music festival in 1998 is often one of the first that springs to mind when people talk about great brand stories.

However, a quick look at their website today will show you that, 19 years on, storytelling still very much sits at the heart of everything they do.

From pencil drawings of ideas they’ve had (but never used) for their packaging to letters, pictures and creations that their customers have sent them, their whole site is packed full of stories.

Their Compliment Generator allows you to send a friend a message, such as “You are a walking high-five!” and their Big Knit campaign encourages communities to help them raise money for Age UK

They clearly work hard to consistently keep their audience engaged and inspired, through interactive storytelling.

Do you?