We all held our breath

The little girl came on stage. She had practiced the short piece many, many times. But this was different. This was in front of all the parents and she was under a bright spotlight.

She managed the first few steps no problem but then she stopped and froze on the spot. We all held our breath. She looked around nervously as the music continued without her. We felt her pain. Then she took a deep breath, picked up the routine again and danced the rest of the piece to the end.

When she finished the audience cheered and whistled raucously for what felt like ages. The little girl smiled and skipped off stage.

And that is what telling your story is like. Your life has not been a flawless performance. You have made mistakes. There have been times when you have felt out of your depth, frozen to the spot or unsure of what you should be doing next. But you kept going. You got through it. You came out the other side. And that’s the story that people will be moved by.

People appreciate real, honest stories that inspire them and leave them feeling that they too can get through the times when it all feels a bit overwhelming.