The story of tinkering

Your story doesn’t have to involve major drama or life-changing experiences to be worth telling. In fact, it is often the stories that people have never even considered sharing that say so much about them.

When Paul Blackford was a little boy he loved nothing better than tinkering away in his Grandad’s workshop with him. His favourite pastime was using random items to ‘invent’ something new and one of his proudest moments was designing and creating a contraption to retrieve a customer’s keys that had fallen down a drain.

At University, when he got fed up of never being able to find a clean pan in the house he shared with 7 others, he invented a Super Noodle Cooker – so that he could cook his supper in his bedroom!

Why is this relevant? Because Paul’s new business is all about design and innovation, coming up with new solutions, creating tailored systems and improving the ways things are done.

Telling your story is an opportunity to join up the dots, show the ‘golden thread’ that runs through your life, demonstrate how your experiences have shaped the person you are today and why it makes complete sense that you are doing what you do.