The relief on her face

“What a relief!”

Not quite the reply I was expecting, as I was talking to someone this week about telling their true, authentic story.

“I honestly thought” she explained, “that, as a ‘business owner’, I had to be …. well … someone I’m not!”.

And I suspect she’s not alone. I think many business owners feel that being in business means they need to be more formal and ‘corporate’ and almost hide behind a mask of professionalism – so that no-one sees the ‘real’ them, with all their imperfections!

But nothing could be further from the truth. People buy from people. Real people, that they can relate to.

If your target market buy from your business because of you, your ideas, your individuality, your way of doing things, your style of delivery, your products and services – then lower the mask, because being YOU is your USP.