The Golden Buddha

In Thailand there is a sacred temple that houses a statue of Buddha. It weighs 5.5 tons and is made of pure gold.

But one day, many years ago, word came that an army from a neighbouring village was about to invade. The monks covered The Golden Buddha with mud so that it looked like stone and, sure enough, when the army arrived they showed no interest in the grey, concrete Buddha.

Years went by, and eventually there was no-one left in the monastery that knew that the grey Buddha was really made of gold.

Until, one day, a young monk spotted that a piece of concrete had broken away and, underneath, he could see something shiny. He called the other monks who grabbed some small picks and, to their delight, they unearthed the magnificent Golden Buddha.

Business owners who are not telling their story, to differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd, run the risk of customers not noticing them and walking straight past.

Your story is pure gold. Be proud of the journey you are on – with all its ups and downs. Share your story to attract the people who will connect with you – because of who you are.

Tell your story and shine brightly.