Are you suffering from the curse?

You are passionate about what you do. Your skills and insight allow you to deliver superb value and a great result for your client. But they can also be a curse. The curse of knowledge.

Because when you are so close to what you do, it can be difficult to explain it – simply!

It’s tempting, when talking to your ideal client, to dip into your vast knowledge and experience, talk about the various techniques, tools, processes and methodologies you draw on, or share wins, results, great case studies…. and on and on.

But keeping the initial pitch super simple is crtitical. Why? Because your ideal client is already overloaded and overwhelmed with information in every aspect of their life. Their brain has to constantly work hard to cut through all the noise and tune in to the messages that are actually important to them. 

So, don’t confuse. If your story is about helping people get the tech stuff right, try telling them that. If you help men in their 50’s & 60’s avoid a heart attack, say it like it is. If you buy any car – say so!

The simpler your messaging, the more chance your target market will hear it.

Clarity is key. Is your messaging simple enough?