Is your brand story easy to tell?

In a busy craft market in Salisbury, one stall stood out.

Stylish black boxes, with a striking black-and-gold branding, were expertly displayed, brimming with beautiful products, thoughtfully selected for each gift box.

A sign on the table simply read: “It only takes a moment to create a moment”.

I asked the stallholders (a lovely couple with their young son) what the story behind it was and Sidra instantly explained:

“We went through a couple of tough years personally, and the importance of strong relationships and celebrating everyday moments became an important goal for us as a family.

“We wanted to create something that could help strengthen relationships, through gifts that show love and appreciation. And we’re not just there for the big occasions, we help people make any day special, by celebrating the little moments too”.

And there it was – their personal story, brand story and customer story all rolled into one, wrapped up in beautiful branding and a simple story they can easily tell.

How easy is your brand story to tell?