The HR consultant with trainers and a dog

Emily Perry is a HR consultant who realised her brand wasn’t reflecting who she was. Her image was very corporate, but she had left the corporate world behind, because that’s exactly what she didn’t want to be.

So, she got real. She replaced her high heels with her trainers and her professional headshot with a photo of her and her dog, Evie.

What happened next? People connected with her story, her business grew and she recently took on a new contract with a company that told her that they too were dog lovers. I have heard stories like this many times.

Your personal brand already exists. From how you look and show up every day, to the work you deliver, the qualities you bring and the value you add. Every tweet, post, comment and photo you share is part of your story and your personal brand.

So, consider what you want to be known for, what you stand for and what you want people to say about you. Being authentic doesn’t mean you can’t be strategic.

Telling a clear and consistent story will help you to build a powerful personal brand that people can trust.