Real stories inspire real connections

I have made two new connections this week.

I’m not talking about hitting the “connect” button on Linked In or accepting “friends” on Facebook.

I’m talking about meaningful connections.

And do you know why I wanted to connect with these two people, talk to them, find out more about them, get to know them and what they do?

Because I heard their story.

They both posted videos on Linked In that appeared in my feed.

One was on World Suicide Prevention Day, when Martin Seville shared his heartfelt story of how, two years ago, he made the decision to end his life. His story was real and emotive and there was a powerful message behind it.

The second video was by Emma Preston, who was being totally transparent about where she was in her life and her business. I loved her honesty and it was so refreshing to hear someone admit that “it’s hard” and some days are cr*p!

They both shared their challenges, their pain and their vulnerability. And when I think about all the posts I have seen this week, all the videos that have filled up my newsfeed, all the articles published, all the comments made, those two very raw and authentic stories totally cut through the noise and stood out from the crowd.

Real stories inspire real connections.

Are you giving people a chance to create a meaningful connection with you by sharing some of your story?

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