How to be a Mega Hero

Secret Hampers know why their business exists – to change the world, one random act of kindness at a time.

Nigel Richardson launched the business in June 2016 after watching a TV ad that saw a young boy leaving a bag of groceries on a neighbour’s doorstep. Nigel was so touched by the idea, that he started doing the same for one of his own, elderly neighbours. To this day, the grateful recipient has no idea who the kind benefactor is.

Nigel’s idea for Secret Hampers is about giving everyone the opportunity to “Be a Mega Hero” and spread a little kindness – anonymously or not.

Whether it’s a box of ‘baby essentials’ for an exhausted new mum, everything a home-sick student needs to stock their larder at Uni or a box of goodies to surprise and delight someone in a care home, everyone gets to feel good. The sender and the recipient.

Your Brand Story is in why your business exists, how you improve your customer’s lives and the difference you are here to make.