How can you make it easier for your customers to say yes?

What might stop your ideal client buying from you?

Knowing your customer’s story means knowing their objections and doing everything you can to remove those barriers for them.

Making it easier for them to say “yes“.

I worked with a gym last year who had a significant number of no-shows for appointments to discuss membership. We spent time researching and brainstorming the question, “What stops people from walking into our gym?”.

They discovered that the number one reason people backed out at the last minute, was that they were not sure what they would be met with when they arrived. Concerns included that if the receptionist was busy on the telephone they would be standing around (possibly in front of super-fit guys lifting weights) feeling very self-conscious.

Once the gym staff understood these worries, they took immediate action to overcome the objections and included a sentence in all their marketing, explaining that all telephones had been removed from their front desk and that all guests would be met with a friendly face and a warm welcome. 

What objections can you overcome before your ideal client has even raised them? What barriers can you remove to make it super easy for your target market to say “yes“?



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