Would you ask for a tip?

The waitress loved her job. And the customers loved her. She was welcoming, attentive and clearly passionate about delivering a first-class experience for everyone that visited the restaurant she was proud to work in.

Customers new and old were always delighted by the way she made them feel totally relaxed and cared for.

And they tipped her well, to show their appreciation. They had to. They couldn’t help themselves. They felt obliged to show how much they valued such excellent, personal service. And they told all their friends. They couldn’t keep it a secret.

And yet she never once asked them for a tip.  Of course she didn’t. That would have spoiled the whole experience. Made people feel uneasy, tricked, even insulted.

So why, as business owners, are we in a rush to “ask for the sale”, “close the deal”, “get a commitment”?

Of course, there does come a time when it’s appropriate to present the bill, but we could learn a lot from that waitress.

Offering superb value, with no hidden agenda, is a vital first step in delighting your customers, building relationships and ensuring your ideal client comes back for more.