Where to find your stories

Forget the idea that you have one story – you have tons of phenomenal stories. We all do. But where do you find the ones that people can relate to and will want to hear?

You find them in your defining moments. Those moments that have shaped who you are today, defined your values and influenced your decisions, the relationships you’ve chosen, the path you’ve taken and why you do what you now do.

Those moments in your life when you’ve had to step up. Change. Lean in or walk away. Fight for something you believe in. Ignore the critics and nay-sayers. Overcome an obstacle. Breakthrough a barrier. Grow into the person you want to be.

I’m not talking about storylines fit for a Hollywood movie here. I’m taking about the everyday challenges that we all face, overcome and learn from.

It is in your defining moments that you will find real, authentic, compelling and powerful stories that your audience can deeply relate to and that they will definitely want to hear.