Does the world need another [fill in what you do]?

Does the world need another social media app?

Well Vero thinks so. But how do they convince the rest of us that we do?

By showing us where it fits into our story.

Their messaging is all about putting us, the users, back in charge of what we share and who with.

They got that we were fed up with our social media feeds being heavily curated and manipulated, so they created “a Truly Social Network that celebrates people’s passions without algorithms, ads or bots“. The word Vero means truth. 

Their ad takes us on a journey – from where social media is now and where it’s going, to why they saw a real need for something different.

As author Donald Miller says, “If you don’t tell people where you’re taking them, they won’t follow”. A story has to be going somewhere.

Have you told your customers where you want to take them?