What do you believe?

What is the core belief that underpins your business and everything it stands for?

I’m not talking about a catchy tagline, I’m talking about the belief that lies at the heart of why you do what you do. Why your business exists.

IKEA believe homes should be a perfect reflection of the people who live inside them.

TOMS® Shoes believe they can improve people’s lives through business.

Starbucks believe a coffeehouse should be a place to find moments of connection.

Nike believe anyone can be an athlete.

If you’re not sure, write “I believe …” at the top of a piece of paper and let your thoughts flow, until you identify the one core belief that encapsulates everything your business stands for.

As humans we are drawn to those we feel a connection with. Sharing the belief that drives why you do what you do, allows those it resonates with to create a meaningful bond with your brand.