What are you selling?

She wasn’t having a great day and she hadn’t even left the house yet.

She got in her ice cold car and, after waiting for the freezing windscreen to thaw, she drove to the station. She wasn’t looking forward to the busy commute and she certainly wasn’t looking forward to the meeting she had that morning.

But as she approached the station she was met with a wonderful smile. Heather Barrie of Harrie’s Coffee had seen her drive in and already had her coffee on the go, just how she liked it, and her favourite bread browning in the toaster. And as the lady got closer, Heather sensed that she needed something else today too and she gave her a reassuring hug. She was right. It was just what the lady needed and she really appreciated it. She even started to feel better.

Does Heather sell coffee and toast or a familiar, warm smile, a friendly face and a moment of connection in her customers’ hectic lives?

Is your story about what you make? Or what you make happen?