The story that wasn’t a story

I met James at an event recently and, when I explained how I help business owners to tell their story, he said “well I tell my story all day long and it doesn’t help me get customers”.

So I asked him to tell me his story. And he told me about the new wirelessly amplified, interactive, roaming entertainment technology he had put together for bands, and what it does.

“OK” I said, “I see the problem … that’s not a story“.

James was making a common mistake. He was selling the product and not the story.

Apple don’t talk about the technical specifications of their products. They tell stories. They create amazing experiences that enable their customers to feel part of something special. They use simple language that shows they understand what their customers want, creates a deeper bond and ultimately encourages more sales. They make buying a phone exciting!

Think about what it feels like to experience your product or service, then tell that story.