The hotel that gives away 75,000 cookies – a day!

Word of mouth is still the most powerful and effective form of marketing. It influences between 50%-90% of all purchases. And yet, very few businesses have a strategy for using it.

In his book Talk Triggers, Jay Baer says, “If you want people to talk about your brand, you need to go above and beyond what’s expected”.

After all, nobody talks about the company that provides an “adequate service” or “does what’s expected”.

Jay highlights brands that have great “talkability” – from the football club that rings every fan when they’ve bought a ticket to the glove company that puts a scratch n sniff patch on every glove.

My favourite is DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, who give every guest a warm, freshly-baked cookie at check-in. In fact, across the brand’s 500+ global locations, they give away an astonishing 75,000 cookies a day. Yep – their ‘talk trigger’ is a chocolate chip cookie!

But, survey after survey shows that 34% of their customers have “told someone about the cookie in the last 30 days”. That’s over 25,000 customers talking about them to someone else every day!

How can you create great talkability, so that your customers tell others about you, again and again? What’s your chocolate chip cookie moment?


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