Why is storytelling so important and what will it do for YOUR business?

The ROI of Great Business Storytelling

Have you ever met someone at a networking event or seminar, heard their story or why they are doing what they do, and suddenly felt compelled to connect with them, work with them or refer others to them?

I know I have. And here’s how it works.

Real-life stories create genuine connection

When you share some of your story, it will deeply touch those that it resonates with. People will be drawn to you, because your story made them feel something and that creates a powerful bond with your audience.

When you create connection and trust, you move out of “sales” and into “relationship building”.

So, what is the ROI of great business storytelling?

When your story demonstrates your values, purpose, passion and principles, people who connect with those values and principles will know, like and trust you.

People will come to you because they have already connected with your story.

So you get to do what you love and do best, with the people you love working with, who know you can help them get the great result they want.

Starting with story is critical

If your business exists to make a difference to those you are here to serve, starting with story – yours and your customer’s – and telling both in a way that builds authentic, meaningful relationships with your target market, is critical.

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