What does ‘telling your story’ actually involve?

The Storytelling Iceberg

People sometimes think that telling their story is that bit in their biog or the About page on their website or the Who Am I? section of their talk but, actually, these things are just the ‘Tip of the Storytelling Iceberg’.

Yes, they might be the bits that people see but, underneath that, is all the work that went into building a strong story infrastructure first.

For it is this key, foundational work that ensures your stories are always clear & compelling, highly relevant and truly resonate with your ideal client.

The 80/20 rule of storytelling

80% of the work is done before the simple but powerful version of your story, that people connect & engage with, appears ‘above the water’.

As Steve Jobs said, “It takes a lot of hard work, to make something simple”.

So, what is all the ice below the water made up of?

This foundational work consists of unpacking, crafting & assembling the three stories that you need to know, understand and tell:

  • Your own unique, personal story – that will help you find and connect with your ‘tribe’ quickly & easily
  • Your business story – that will demonstrate why your business exists, what it stands for and the difference it is here to make (from which will come your ‘brand values’)
  • Your customer story – that will allow you to meet your customer where they are at, and understand where your business fits in their story

For, it is finding the Sweet Spot where these three stories intertwine that the magic starts to happen, authentic & meaningful connection is created and sales and marketing get a whole lot easier.