Flip Flops With A Story

Rob and Paul Forkan, their two younger siblings and their parents, had been travelling around the world for four years, when the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka on Boxing Day 2004 and their parents were tragically killed.

The Sri Lankan people helped the children get home and when, in 2012, Rob & Paul decided they wanted to build a children’s home in Sri Lanka, in their parent’s memory, they started a flip flop business in their bedroom in Brixton with nothing more than a Facebook page.

But everything about their inspirational Gandys brand is wrapped in story.

The ‘A’ in their logo has a wave and represents overcoming Adversity and the Kingfisher symbolises their Dad’s favourite beer. Their shirts have maps in the lining (they have since expanded to clothing and accessories with a travel theme) and the words “Two brothers building homes for fellow orphans” are written on their flip flops.

Their values are in their brand: “Designed in London, Inspired by Travel, Fuelled by Giving Back” as they are all about empowering others, giving back and making a difference – by telling a powerful story.

If a pair of flip flops can tell a story of strength, commitment, fun, travel, helping others and being bold, what is possible for your brand?