Do you have a personal brand?

The answer is yes! Absolutely, you do.

As Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon says “your personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room”.

The real question is – are you controlling that narrative? Are you mindful of the stories you are telling, day in day out?

Whether posting on social media, writing a blog, networking in person, delivering a talk or working with a client, your personal brand is how you show up. Every single time.

So, what kind of character you are showing up as, in this movie of your life? How do you want to be seen?

Your values & qualities, personality & voice, your manner and the way you behave are all part of your personal brand. It’s the sum of the total experience of having a relationship with you.

Taking ownership of your personal brand is about purposefully living the story you want to be known for.