Can a story really change a business?

What do you do when you’re offering an awesome product or service, but you’re not getting much take up?

You’re having lots of conversations, online and offline, but they’re not leading to business being done.

You’re contributing in some busy communities, full of your target market, but you’re struggling to connect or get across what you’re about.

Well, you could do what I did. And tell your story.

In 2015 I gave a very honest account of my business bumps and bruises, my ups and downs, my successes and failures, to a large community of women in business.

I felt quite vulnerable, being so open about my business mistakes and personal lows, and I wondered how people would respond.

But it was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever done.  The response from people who resonated with my story was phenomenal and it had an incredibly positive impact on my business.

People I’d ‘known’ (but not really known) for months or even years suddenly wanted to connect with me, find out more about what I do and several became fabulous clients!

If building relationships and doing the work you love for people you love to work with is important to you, your story is a powerful place to start.